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1Spot the Difference 23
Identify the difference with help of the round lens & click it to confirm.You get 50 points for every right click and Lose 10 points for every wrong click.You have complete the level at time duration.
Played : 239 times
2Snow White Hidden Objects
Find out the snow white objects, which are hidden in three different locations. To score more, find out the objects in short time duration.
Played : 218 times
3Scooby Doo Find the Numbers
Analyse your power of observation by finding out the Numbers which is on the image. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.
Played : 247 times
4Hidden Objects in Gibson House
Find out the below displayed objects, which are been hidden, from Gibson's House. Find out the objects in short time duration to score more.
Played : 239 times
5Find and Use
Find the objects that are been hidden in three different locations.Some of the objects are inventory items. Once you find those objects, use them to find the remaining objects.
Played : 248 times
6The Scruffs
Undercover Grandpa's secret and help The Scruffs save their family. Search the house for hidden objects listed in Grandpa's notebook.
Played : 217 times
Rotate the blocks untill four blocks of the same kind forms the four corners of a square.
Played : 251 times
Make a line of atleast five monkeys.
Played : 241 times
9Jungle Hunt
Defend the little village from wild animals.
Played : 180 times
Manage the stream of gravitation and connect together blocks of same color.
Played : 185 times

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